For more than 40 years, Jeffrey Simpson (Ottawa, Canada) wrote for The Globe and Mail, 32 of which were as national affairs columnist. He wrote seven books, one of which won the Governor-General’s award, another the $50,000 Donner Prize for the best book on public policy. He won the National Newspaper award twice, and the National Magazine award for column writing. He also won the Hyman Solomon Award for excellence in public policy journalism, the Arthur Kroeger award for contributions to public discourse, and the Charles Lynch Award for excellence in political journalism. In 2000, he became an Officer of the Order of Canada. He has received eight honorary degrees from Canadian universities, spoken at more than 600 conferences, penned more than 6,000 columns, and been a guest lecturer at Harvard, Oxford, Princeton, Brigham Young, Johns Hopkins, Maine, California and many universities in Canada. He is now a senior fellow at the University of Ottawa Graduate School of Policy and International Affairs and a member of the executive committee of that university’s board of governors. He retired from The Globe and Mail in 2016 but continues to speak at conferences and lecture at universities.