Polar Imperative: A History of Arctic Sovereignty in North America
Published by Douglas & McIntyre
Year: 2011
Gelber Prize Winner
“Polar Imperative, Shelagh Grant’s riveting history of adventure, sovereignty, and environment around the Arctic Ocean, is a comprehensive account of the interplay of politics, economics, institutions and culture that few ever experienced first-hand. Her well-told chronicle deftly documents the back story on diplomatic and military events well before the 24-hour news cycle. As climate change melts the polar icecap and for the first time makes competition for undersea natural resources possible in a fragile ecosystem, Grant also reshapes our mental model of the world’s important borders and vital global trade routes. Her book is must-read background for what could well become the next ‘great game’,” said Jury Chair Paul Cadario.
Lionel Gelber Prize Lecture and Award Ceremony | 2011