Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China
Author: Ezra F. Vogel
Published by Harvard University Press
Year: 2012
Gelber Prize Winner
“The rise of China as a mighty global economic power, which now seems so inexorable, was never foreordained,” said George Russell, the jury chair. “That it happened, and how it happened, depended enormously on the wiles, stratagems and vision of the short, pugnacious man who is the subject of this deeply informed book by one of the West’s most important Asia scholars. Ezra Vogel’s sympathetic and balanced chronicle of the Long March of Deng Xiaoping as he led China toward a central place on the modern world stage makes impressive use of the author’s unparalleled contacts in China’s inner circles. It is going to be required reading for many years to come.”
Lionel Gelber Prize Lecture and Award Ceremony | 2012